Things To Remember When Renting A Hotel

by: Jeff Lakie

Some people rarely stay at hotels and other people, like “road warrior business people” stay at hotels frequently. Here are some ideas from the road warriors to help your stay go even more enjoyable to employ a little hotel etiquette into your stay.

· Tip. Feel free to tip the bellhop and the housekeeper 5% to 20% for good service, depending on the situation and how frequently they serve you.

· Laundry. Pile your laundry, including sheets into the bathtub when you are leaving. Some people make the bed but housekeeping has to strip the bed anyway, so by stripping the bed instead of making it, you are performing a kind service for housekeeping. Of course this is not necessary, but a courtesy for them.

· Keep quiet. Many hotels have a quite rule after a certain hour, but you can do all the other guests a favor by keeping quiet all the time.

· Don't be alarming. Turn off your alarm before you leave for the day so that it doesn't ring endlessly while you're away. And make sure it's off before you check out because the hospitality staff do not check each one and you don't want to wake up the next person to stay in the room!

· Keep your television turned low and if it is tucked in close to the wall, move it a way a few inches or put a pillow between the television and the wall to cut down on the noise the reverberates into the other room.

· Check the minibar when you first get into the room. Sometimes people open the lids, drink the tiny bottles of liquor and refill them with water and return them to the minibar. If the hospitality staff don't catch it, and sometimes they don't you may be charged if they catch it the next time they're in the room. Eliminate that possibility by proactively checking yourself first.

Staying at a hotel is a way to enjoy a vacation. But there are more people than just you at a hotel. Be sure to be considerate of the staff and other guests and everyone will have a great experience.

About The Author

Jeff Lakie is the founder of and websites providing information on Hotels.

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