Aglou Plage, 15km from Tiznit, is a long beach with good surf, but the strong undertow makes it dangerous for swimming most of the time. When Atlantic winds start blustering, it’s a wild and woolly sort of place. It is still pretty undeveloped, with a raised walkway and behind it some seafront cafés, the best being Aglou Plage - Sud du MarocIdou Aglou an offshoot of the Tiznit hotel, which serves snacks and a full restaurant menu. If you want to stay, Le Chant du Chameau is a delightful French-Moroccan-run guest house at the south end of Aglou beach. A rust-red house, some fantasy tents, and a dramatic view of the beach and sea, they also offer excursions in the area and a weeklong course in tadelakt, the local plaster-work.


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