Mirleft : Morocco

One of the most beautiful roads in the region runs south of Aglou Plage, with wonderful views of the ocean, rugged hills and the occasional empty cove. Then comes Mirleft, 38km southwest of Tiznit, 140km from Agadir, and one of the region’s least promoted attractions. That, perhaps, explains why it remains popular with artists, musicians and people returning from some serious desert bashing, as well as Marrakshis wanting to hide away from the world. The climate is gentle, the air clear and the views magnificent. Mirleft is no longer untouched – it has a bank (with ATM) and post office – but unlike most tourism development in Morocco, all this is the doing of individuals, with not a large corporation or chain hotel in sight. If at first the place seems uninspiring, the gentle bustle soon becomes contagious. A social morning coffee is followed by a trip to the beach – choose from Fish Beach, Camping.

fort ofMirleft

Beach, Coquillage Beach, Aftas Beach, Plage Sauvage and Marabout’s Beach, the last being the most dramatic with its marabout’s (saint’s) tomb and savage-looking rocks. And then back to town for a walk along a short main street where you can find a billiards hall, arts and crafts, an argan product store, phone booths, cafés, restaurants and a small vegetable market. Out of the village there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. The beach is good for surf casting (fishing) and hotels will help organise trips from fishing to desert excursions.


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